“The experience was truly enriching; a welcome addition to my professional career.”

ctep-b4-jose.jpgAtty. Jose Maria B. Duhaylungsod
Private Practitioner
CTEP™ Program Batch 4

“CTEP program is a holistic program into estate planning. This program has helped me develop my knowledge as an insurance practitioner.”

ctep-b4-son.jpgMichaelson Lim
Financial Consultant, Pru Life UK
CTEP™ Program Batch 4

“The whole experience is amazing and worth it! I’ve learned so much about trusts, tax avoidance strategies, putting up a family corporation, etc. as a fellow chartered financial practitioner, CTEP is the best program if you want to specialize in estate planning (like what I did!)”

ctep-b3-joselle.jpgJoselle Joy A. Suero
Financial Advisor, Sun Life of Canada
CTEP™ Program Batch 3

“The CTEP program is a great learning investment which gives great value for time and money. By far the most comprehensive estate planning program I have attended. An insightful learning program for estate planners and a must have continuing professional education for every financial planning practitioner.”

ctep-b3-dennis.jpgDennis Espique
Financial Advisor, Manulife Philippines
CTEP™ Program Batch 3

“I have now a better understanding of trust a state planning and looking forward in applying what we learned. Atty. Mendoza is a very knowledgeable speaker!”

ctep-b3-tes.jpgMaria Theresa F. Wilson
Unit Manager, Prulife UK
CTEP™ Program Batch 3