“It was a concept-filled program but I was hoping we would have concrete exercises wherein we will create our own plan and that there will be consultations involved. I feel unprepared for the exam after the last session.”
Gerlene Reyes-Guerrero
Licensed Financial Advisor, Pru Life UK
CTEP™ Program Batch 18

“Very useful especially for tax lawyers and insurance practitioners. Quite difficult to follow for others especially the jumping between local and international concepts. But overall, this is a must-attend training for those who wish to be well versed in estate, business succession, and tax planning
Ma. Asuncion C. Kohchet-Chua
Head of Wealth Management, ATRAM
CTEP™ Program Batch 18

“I became more knowledgeable when it comes to various estate planning tools and documentation as well as adept to trust taxation.
Ernesto Moreno
President, Centaurion Outsourcing & Business Solutions Inc.
CTEP™ Program Batch 18

“The CTEP program is a very good way to integrate knowledge from different fields into a tangible and practicable format. EVM’s anecdotes were very helpful in explaining different concepts, and his insights provide much-needed guidance for other concerns tangential to trust and estate planning. Highly recommended!”
Precious Rochelle O. Gan
Owner, O.G Accounting Consultancy Services
CTEP™ Program Batch 18

“The program allows me to level up my knowledge on Estate Planning. As a result, I can further add value to my existing clients and even future clients.”
Gerard Roura
Financial Advisor, Sunlife of Canada
CTEP™ Program Batch 18

“The learnings from this training reinforced my legal knowledge and hopefully will bring about a more effective, fulfilling and rewarding practice for me.”

Maria Theresa E. de Mesa
Jr. Partner, Belo Gozon rema Parel Asuncion & Lucila
CTEP™ Program Batch 4

“I’ve learn the value of estate planning, future is so much assured for our children if we plan ahead. I was empowered to think big as a financial consultant, Atty. Mendoza is brilliant trainer.”

Smith Parreño
Financial Consultant, Pru Life UK
CTEP™ Program Batch 4

“The six weeks taught me so much more about planning my affairs than my entire four years in law school.”

Valery Joy A. Brion
Director I, O/s Pimentel, Senate of the Phils.
CTEP™ Program Batch 4

“The course is very practical and useful, especially for a legal practitioner who focuses in family law like me. Thank you CTEP!”

Donna Marie G. Orilla
Lawyer, Orilla Law Office
CTEP™ Program Batch 4

“This course will help financial advisors with their clients in time of planning for their estates.”

Rowena Yu
Financial Advisor, Philamlife
CTEP™ Program Batch 4