“The experience was truly enriching; a welcome addition to my professional career.”

Atty. Jose Maria B. Duhaylungsod
Private Practitioner
CTEP™ Program Batch 4

CTEP program is a holistic program into estate planning. This program has helped me develop my knowledge as an insurance practitioner.”

Michaelson Lim
Financial Consultant, Pru Life UK
CTEP™ Program Batch 4

“The whole experience is amazing and worth it! I’ve learned so much about trusts, tax avoidance strategies, putting up a family corporation, etc. as a fellow chartered financial practitioner, CTEP is the best program if you want to specialize in estate planning (like what I did!)”

Joselle Joy A. Suero
Financial Advisor, Sun Life of Canada
CTEP™ Program Batch 3

“The CTEP program is a great learning investment which gives great value for time and money. By far the most comprehensive estate planning program I have attended. An insightful learning program for estate planners and a must have continuing professional education for every financial planning practitioner.”

Dennis Espique
Financial Advisor, Manulife Philippines
CTEP™ Program Batch 3

“I have now a better understanding of trust a state planning and looking forward in applying what we learned. Atty. Mendoza is a very knowledgeable speaker!”

Maria Theresa F. Wilson
Unit Manager, Prulife UK
CTEP™ Program Batch 3

“CTEP is a useful course for specialization in estate planning. As a CPA, I already know taxes in estate but CTEP opened my mind to the fact that estate planning is not just done for tax purpose but for making sure you have a contribution in making the next generation a better one and ultimately the world a better place to live in.”

Sarah S. Songalia
CTEP™ Program Batch 2

“The subject matter was really helpful. It opens my mind to many things about it. The module is really commendable.”

Angelito Martinez
Unit Manager, Sun Life Financials
CTEP™ Program Batch 2

“This course is an eye opening experience for me, it showed the world in a very promising perspective. As a financial consultant, I realized how I can make a difference in the life of an individual.”

Lodela P. Manibo
Financial Consultant, Prulife
CTEP™ Program Batch 2

“Very powerful course! This gives wealth of information and practical approach to transfer wealth and leave your legacy. All financial planner/consultants and advisors are encouraged to take this course to as this will surely redound to the best interest of wealthy clients.”

Margaret G. Manlapas
Certified Investment Solicitor, RAMPVER Strategic Advisor
CTEP™ Program Batch 2

“This is definitely outside my comfort zone. I can say I have learned far beyond my initial expectation – meaningful life lesson much more than estate planning.”

Maria Liza J. Valenciano
CTEP™ Program Batch 2