“CTEP is a useful course for specialization in estate planning. As a CPA, I already know taxes in estate but CTEP opened my mind to the fact that estate planning is not just done for tax purpose but for making sure you have a contribution in making the next generation a better one and ultimately the world a better place to live in.”

ctep-b2-sarah.jpgSarah S. Songalia
CTEP™ Program Batch 2

“The subject matter was really helpful. It opens my mind to many things about it. The module is really commendable.”

ctep-b2-lito.jpgAngelito Martinez
Unit Manager, Sun Life Financials
CTEP™ Program Batch 2

“This course is an eye opening experience for me, it showed the world in a very promising perspective. As a financial consultant, I realized how I can make a difference in the life of an individual.”

ctep-b2-lodela.jpgLodela P. Manibo
Financial Consultant, Prulife
CTEP™ Program Batch 2

“Very powerful course! This gives wealth of information and practical approach to transfer wealth and leave your legacy. All financial planner/consultants and advisors are encouraged to take this course to as this will surely redound to the best interest of wealthy clients.”

ctep-b2-margie.jpgMargaret G. Manlapas
Certified Investment Solicitor, RAMPVER Strategic Advisor
CTEP™ Program Batch 2